Heat, light, sound sensor 

Experiment using Sensor:

Clap Switch : Classical project for turning ON/OFF appliances by a sound of clap.


Automatic Street Light : Needs no manual operation for switching ON and OFF.


Electronic Letter Box : When letter is present inside then LED glows.


Simple LDR Circuit : Make a light activated switch using single transistor.


Rain Alarm : We get a tone when wire is in contact with water so this circuit can also work for tank overflow indicator.


Heat Sensor : Simple, but sensitive Circuit for indication of temperature using thermistor.


Temperature Sensor : For Detection of  Accurate Degree Centigrade by which you can make  many interesting projects.


Temperature Display using LCD : Digital Display Current Temperature using Arduino Microprocessor and simple 2X16 Character LCD.


Automatic Fan Controller : Fan automatically starts rotating when temperature is hot and also speed is controlled according to the temperature. Easy Mini Projects.


Electronic Eye : It can be used as an automatic guest indicator if fitted on the bottom of the door entrance so there is no need to install a call bell. It can also be used at homes or in banks as a burglar alarm.


Burglar Alarm : We kept LDR in such a place that when thief enters our house, a shadow will fall on it.


Touch Switch : When any one touches sensor then we get a tone.


Fire Alarm : Simple Circuit for detection of fire. Simple and Mini


Magnetic Switch : Learn how magnetic field can be used to switch on circuit.