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Four Tone Siren

UM3561 Four Tone Generator Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram of Four Tone Siren

UM3561 Fore Tone generator Project

 UM3561 Project Picture

 UM3561 IC includes  oscillator and selector circuits so few external component is used for construction of four tone siren.

The UM3561 contains programmed mask ROM to simulate siren sound. Power consumption of IC is low. It is powered by 3 Volt. One NPN Transistor is used for amplification of audio signal.
This circuit gives sound of Police siren, Ambulance siren, Fire brigade siren and Machine g un sound. 


Part List :
IC UM3561

Speaker 2.5 inches or any other size
Resistance = 220 Ohms
Condenser 100Mfd
Transistor BC548
Battery Container 3V
Switch 3 Pcs

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