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Learn to make a AC Generator

AC Generator Project using Magnet, coil , galvanometer

           Simple Dynamo experiment

This experiment shows Magnet +conductor+Motion=Current

Make a coil of fine insulated wire wound on a plastic or cardboard tube. Connect the ends of the coil to a DC milliammeter or galvanometer (for demonstration purposes!). A center-zero meter is preferred for this demonstration. Now take a bar magnet and thrust the magnet into the coil. The meter will deflect. Now withdraw the magnet. The meter deflects the other way. As we insert and withdraw the magnet, the meter deflects from one side to the other. With the magnet stationary, the meter reads zero. What's happening? We see that when the magnet is moving, a current is induced in the coil. The moving magnetic field, from the moving magnet, cuts the conductors forming the coil.

Please use a sensitive VU meter or Galvanometer.

In above picture coil is below and a round magnet from a speaker is adjusted to rotate.

AC Generator

I have made another AC Current Generator which is enough for lighting few LEDs. This AC Generator is made in simple way for students specially for class 12 CBSE.

Part Used:

Electromagnet found in Relay (from old voltage stabilizer), Bar Magnet, Clamp with nut bolt, 2pcs  LED, wire, cardboard, Glue-stick.

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