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FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter Project

Image of FM Transmitter

Part List :
Capacitor :
10 Mfd, .01 Mfd, .001Mfd, 2.2pf, 4pf, 5pf, 27pf, 68pf

Coil : 6-7 Turns using 26 SWG Wire

Resistance :
3.3K, 2.7K, 3.9K, 220 Ohms
Mic = Condenser Mic
Battery 3V with Container, Switch
Arial small

    The circuit uses only single Transistor but good voice quality. This Circuit is very simple and uses few components. Main part of the circuit is LC  ( Coil Capacitor ) Tank circuit to produce RF at required Frequency band. A transistor is used to power the LC circuit. The resonant frequency for an LC tank circuit is f = 1/(2pi * sqrt(LC) )



At FM receiver Device, Radio waves(oscillating magnetic lines) produces current in Arial. Which is further amplified, Demodulated and feed to a Speaker.

FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram of FM Transmitter

This Video explains how Radio waves are produced.

This video explains how LC circuit works.

As you see energy decreases in a RC circuit so transistor is used to give power at same frequency. 

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