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Generate Electricity using Heat

Thermal Electricity Generator, Generate Electric Current using a Candle.

Here is a simple mini project to generate electricity without any mechanical parts i.e. Dynamo, Gear, Turbine etc. Heat is directly converted in to DC current with more efficient and few parts.

Electric current generator using heat, Thermoelectric Peltier

 Picture of our Thermal power generator

    Output power will depend on how much temperature difference you have created across Thermoelectric Peltier so your focus will be to make hot in one side and cool other side. Since metal is good conductor of heat so you can use metal piece to transfer temperature or as a heat sink.


In this project we are able to generate potential difference of 1.5 Volt easily which is enough to drive a low power Fan. You can increase voltage by connecting more Thermoelectric Peltier in series.

Parts used:

  • TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier

  • Low power motor - which is used in Helicopter, Walkman, small dvd player, vibrator motor of Mobile Phone etc.

  • Candle

  • Clamp

  • Aluminium or Copper Heat shrink  easily found in electronics circuit or you can cut a metal peace, you will get it from hardware shop.

  • Heat-shrink Compound  easily available in electronics parts shop or in computer hardware shop. In computer it is pasted between processor and CPU heat shrink Fan.

Parts for making electric generator using heat

Tips for getting the maximum power from the heat energy

To keep the experiment simple I have made this project roughly (as shown in the video)but you can obtain more power by following this tips.  Heat Sink metal should have wings as in picture or at least keep metal surface wide,  Keep source of heat as close to the Peltier if not possible then use a metal peace to carry heat to the Peltier. Metal should be tightly attached to Peltier with screw or spring system and heat sink paste(compound)  should be used to fill air gap in between. You can get "Heat Sink Paste" from computer hardware shop or electronics parts shop easily.

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