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Digital Temperature Meter

Learn to make Digital Temperature meter using 2X16 LCD Display, Arduino UNO and LM35 (Heat Sensor)

Digital Temperature Meter Project using Arduino UNO and 2X16 LCD

In this project no external library file required. Below is the circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram of Digital Temperature Meter using arduino UNO,2X16 LCD and LM35 heat sensor

Download Digital Temperature Meter Arduino Code for the above circuit diagram.

For backlight of LCD, 5V supply should also be given to LED- and LED+ not shown in circuit diagram.

Note: Potentiometer should be fine tune adjusted otherwise there will be absolutely nothing display accept backlight.

Using I2C OLED :

Learn to make a Digital temperature meter using latest display I2C OLED. Only three parts is used and gives much better performance. I have displayed current temperature both in Centigrade and Fahrenheit scale. 

Heat Sensor Project using latest OLED, LM35 heat sensor

It looks outstanding, better display due to OLED without requirement of backlight and can be read from distance. We have used LM35 IC as heat sensor. Arduino UNO as micro processor and OLED as output device.

Programming code for Arduino UNO for Temperature display on OLED screen

Programming code of Digital Thermometer using OLED is shown.

You can edit this code for font size, Graphics. You can also add component for Alarm, SMS alert, publishing Graph to  webpages etc.

You can use Arduino IDE to upload this code. Quick Download Arduino IDE software for windows. You will also require to download two library software from Adafruit for I2C OLED Driver. I have keep the circuit very simple for student. You can add component for beep sound.


Download Adafruit_SSD1306-master

Download Adafruit-GFX-Library-master

Circuit Diagram is very simple

OLED Vcc connected to +5V UNO



Gnd -> GND

LM35 Sensor as connected in first circuit diagram.

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