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Musical Bell

UM66 Musical Bell Project

 This circuits uses very few component and gives melody sound. It uses 3 terminal IC UM66 and can be build small enough to be placed inside a greeting card and operated off a single 3V flat button cell.

There is not much to the circuit. The UM66 is connected to its supply and its output fed to a transistor for amplification. Any common speaker can be used or a “flat” piezoelectric tweeter like the one found in alarm wrist watches. If you use the piezo, then it can be connected directly between the output pin 1 and ground pin 3 without the transistor.

The UM66 looks like a transistor with 3 terminals. It is complete miniature tone generator with a tune. Now they come with wide variety of different tunes.

For amplification we have used a NPN transistor which is BC548. Here BC548 makes a common emitter circuit. For limiting the base current we have used a resistance of 220 Ohms so that transistor will not get damaged by excess current.

UM66 Musical Bell Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram of Musical Bell is given



1. Draw circuit diagram on ply board and make hole with compass or broader for component pin insertion.

2. Identify emitter base collector of transistor and pin no. of IC UM66

3. Solder all parts according to the circuit. You will need soldering iron, Soldering flux and flexible wire.

4. Make sure all points are well soldered according to the Circuit Diagram and no dry solders. Wrong connection of IC may heat up and get damage.

5. After loading battery power ON the circuit. Now you can check the function of the project.

Ding Dong Musical Call Bell

Here is a simple circuit diagram for making Ding Dong sound. Earlier music was made machanically using electromagnet but now days IC is used and it operate at low DC voltage.

Ding Dong Bell Circuit Diagram IC 8021

Ding Dong Bell Sound Generator Circuit Diagram

Ding Dong Bell using Timer IC NE555

Ding Dong Call Bell Kit.jpg

​Parts Required :-

  1. Small speaker

  2. Capacitor 10 mfd /25v

  3. Capacitor 100 mfd/25v

  4. 47K resistor – 4 pcs

  5. Diode IN 4148  - 2 pcs

  6. Ceramic capacitor 0.01uf – 2 pcs

  7. Ceramic capacitor 0.001uf

  8. Microswitch

  9. IC 555

  10. 8 pin IC base

  11. 4 X AA batteries & battery holder Or any DC 6v power source

  12. Wire

  13. PCB

Ding Dong Call Bell Kit

Ding Dong Parts.jpg
Ding Dong Bell Circuit Diagram using IC 555

Ding Dong Call Bell Circuit Diagram using NE555 IC

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