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Solar Cell

Working of Solar cell charging battery system. Learn by Animation

      How Solar Powered System Works? Learn by Animation


The circuit illustrated here is used as Solar Cell. You can get plate from your old faulty solar calculator. Carefully dissemble plate with out tearing its 2 wire. Connect both wire to a LED through a switch. When Solar Plate is kept in sunlight and switched ON you will see LED glows .

Please make sure for the correct polarity of LED.

Model of solar cell project

Theory :

When energy is added to pure silicon, for example in the form of heat, it can cause a few electrons to break free of their bonds and leave their atoms. A hole is left behind in each case. These electrons then wander randomly around the crystalline lattice looking for another hole to fall into. These electrons are called free carriers, and can carry electrical current


Solar Plate can be made by :

Step 1

Stain the Titanium Dioxide with the Natural Dye

Step 2

Coat the Counter Electrode

Step 3

Add the Electrolyte and Assemble the Finished Solar Cell

Step 4

Convert solar cell to solar panel . One Cell will only supply you half Volt so make 5-6 cell and connect it in series so that you can get 2.5 to 3 Volt for LED.

In this video see

How do Solar cells work?

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