Physics Project in Electronics

CBSE Class 12 science project

Logic Gates : We have made Three Logic Gates in this Project = OR, NOT, AND Logic Gates

NAND Gate : Learn to make Simple NAND Logic Gate using transistor.

NOR Gate : Learn to make NOR Logic Gate using Transistor and diode.

Rain Alarm : We get a tone when wire is in contact with water so this circuit can also work for tank overflow indicator.

Battery Charger : Simple and Easy charger circuit for Ni-Cad batteries.

Heat Sensor : Simple but sensitive Circuit for indication of temperature using thermistor.

Simple LDR Circuit : Make a light activated switch using single transistor.

Transistor as a Switch : Determine the Characteristic of Transistor conductance.

Touch Switch : When anyone touches sensor then we get a tone.

Fire Alarm : Simple Circuit for detection of fire. Simple and Mini.

Capacitor Charging and Discharging : In this experiment we will charge a capictor and glow a LED for few second till it gets discharge. Class 12 CBSE Project.

Electronic Eye : It can be used as an automatic guest indicator if fitted on the bottom of the door entrance so there is no need to install a call bell. It can also be used at homes or in banks as a burglar alarm.

Rectifier : Half Wave Rectifier, Full Wave Rectifier using step down transformer.


Transformer : Simple Project to learn, how number of turns effects e.m.f

Dynamo : Learn, how Motion magnetism and conductor creates current.

NAND as Universal Gate : Learn to use NAND as all type of logic gates. We will use CD4011 IC.

Telescope : Simple project to view distant object. School project using power lens.